Protect Your Home from Wind Damage; Roofing Fort Worth

The roof can still get damaged even if the storm produces no rain or hailsOver time,high winds create stress points on the roof making it weak and become compromised.  Fort Worth roofing is designed to enduresubstantial wind loads – incrementally damaged over time of exposure tohigh winds with much debris by the wind. Protecting the roofing can be done by regularly checking on the missing shingles, while fixing the initial roof damaged quickly- will prevent water damage that result in a roof system that isn’t working as required.

How Wind Damages Your Roof

Did you know that the effect wind moving over theroof is not uniform hence the damage? The corners and the perimeter experience thefull wrath of the wind pressures and the roof center lower stresses.  The experience we have with Fort Worth roofing, most wind damages roof starts on the edge. Where the roofing material is slightly loose t, the window will bet below it and push it up- making it possible for the wind to grab onto next time hence creating a chain effect.

Wind damage starts subtly; later grow over time through repeated exposure to the window.

Once the whole roof corner of insulation exposed, rain gets in and starts causing leaks and water damage. Roof repair Fort Worth prevents damage by ensuring the material on the edge &corners of the roof are stronger and in good condition withstanding the high wind.

Damaging Wind Velocities’

First, you need to understand the types of roofing you havehome with gabled roofs are more susceptible to damage during a sting wind storm. What a gabled roof? It looks like an A on the ends, the outside wall going to the top of the roof.

The wind and storm velocities will vary with the region, below speeds can cause wind damage to your roof and much more:

  • 47-54 mph – causes minor physical damage occurs caused by shingles blown off roofs
  • 48-55 mph – it is may cause harmto trees- uprooted and roofing experience structural damage
  • 56-63 mph – the structural damage is widespread
  • 64+ mph – there is structural damage to homes,landscape, and  buildings

Contact Roof repair Fort Worth for regular roof inspect and more often after a windstorm, taking notice of any loose, missing or worn shingles.

The roofing material will also suffer Flying Debris and Tree Damage

What to do if your roof has wind damage

The roof damage caused by the wind or flying debris needs fixing immediately. Waiting makes the roof more susceptible and results in more damage hiking the cost. The cost is alot less when you only have to replace the roof and roof repair but will impact severely if you have to fix leaks and water damage.

Contact your insurance agent to help with assessing the damage if you have to file a claim.

Choosing a roof repair experts

After a wind and storm damage, there has always been “fly-by-night” trying to contract you to a roofing company.  Contracting with such repairs, they will work quickly and leave town getting away from addressing any subsequent issues of problems that will be arising. Check with Roofing Fort Worth professional who always offer our r business licenses, proof of insurance, certifications, permanent business address and Better Business Bureau rating.

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